I’m currently a Research Software Engineer on the Skye Project at the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, working with James Cheney. My research interests centre around typed functional programming languages, in particular functional approaches to concurrency and web programming.

Up until the end of 2018, I was a PhD student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Pervasive Parallelism at the University of Edinburgh. My PhD thesis concentrates on typed, communication-centric functional programming languages. Part of my PhD involved working with session types on the ABCD project, supervised by Sam Lindley and Philip Wadler.

Previously, I was an intern at OCaml Labs where I compiled WebAssembly to the OCaml Backend. Before that, I was an intern at IntelliFactory, where I worked on WebSharper UI. I did my MSc by Research at the University of Edinburgh, and my BSc at the University of St Andrews.


Feel free to get in touch: you can reach me at simon.fowler -at- ed.ac.uk or simon -at- simonjf.com.

Recent News

  • (12th March 2019): I passed my PhD viva! Thesis will be uploaded once I have made some final edits.
  • (5th March 2019): I will be serving on the ICE 2019 programme committee. Please consider submitting a paper!
  • (21st January 2019): I will be serving on the OOPSLA 2019 Artifact Evaluation Committee.
  • (4th January 2019): New job! I’ll be starting as a Research Software Engineer on the Skye project.

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