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Special Delivery: Programming with Mailbox Types
Simon Fowler, Duncan Paul Attard, Franciszek Sowul, Simon J. Gay and Phil Trinder


Language-Integrated Query for Temporal Data
Simon Fowler, Vashti Galpin, and James Cheney
Separating Sessions Smoothly
Simon Fowler, Wen Kokke, Ornela Dardha, Sam Lindley, and J. Garrett Morris
Multiparty Session Types for Safe Runtime Adaptation in an Actor Language
Paul Harvey, Simon Fowler, Ornela Dardha, and Simon J. Gay
Cross-tier web programming for curated databases: A case study
Simon Fowler, Simon D. Harding, Joanna Sharman, and James Cheney
A Polymorphic RPC Calculus
Kwanghoon Choi, James Cheney, Simon Fowler, and Sam Lindley
Language-Integrated Updatable Views
Rudi Horn, Simon Fowler, and James Cheney
Exceptional Asynchronous Session Types: Session Types without Tiers
Simon Fowler, Sam Lindley, J. Garrett Morris, and Sara Decova
Mixing Metaphors: Actors as Channels and Channels as Actors
Simon Fowler, Sam Lindley, and Philip Wadler
Reactive Single-Page Applications with Dynamic Dataflow
Simon Fowler, Loic Denuziere, and Adam Granicz
Dependent Types for Safe and Secure Web Programming
Simon Fowler and Edwin Brady


Monitoring Erlang/OTP Applications using Multiparty Session Types
Verified Networking using Dependent Types